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Upload old images into google photos with correct timestamp

After my WD Pasport got corrupted, I had to back all my precious old photos into another backup location. Google photos was the excellege option as I'm using Android and uploading the photos to it. And it has multiple features like

  1. Duplicate detection while uploading photos.
  2. Auto taging, searching ...

Spell Checker for Vim

As a long time vim user I always have troubles with typos in vim. Vim has inbuilt spell checker tool, but it's little cumbersome to use. I use vim for most of the purposes like,

  1. To write my blog entries.
  2. Coding
  3. To write git commit messages, where I get ...

Python and OOM Killer

Those who are working with python for few years might have encountered this problem at least once. What happens is that python processes are getting killed by the OS's Out Of Memory Killer. OOM Killer does this to reclaim the memory for OS, since there is no enough RAM ...

What happens when we hit the speed limit of python

Python is a beautiful language but we know the limitations of the python compared with compiled language. So here I'm explaining a scenario where python was not the ideal choice.

We are using python for network programming, specifically a TCP client/server program which read packets from another C ...